Justin Martyr Conference

New College is an invigorating place to be right now. We have a TC conference in a few weeks (see previous post), ISBL at the beginning of July, and the first dedicated Justin Martyr conference at the end of July (undertaken with the help of a grant from the British Academy). I would like to deliver a short paper, but the current lineup is somewhat intimidating to a NT student only periodically sidelighting in issues that late:

"The conference will feature presentations by the following scholars: Prof. Michael Slusser, Dr. Denis Minns, Dr. Paul Parvis, Dr. Paul Foster, Prof. Larry Hurtado, Prof. Graham Stanton, Prof. Judith Lieu, Prof. Cristoph Markschies, Dr. Sara Parvis, and Prof. J. Rebecca Lyman. Additionally, limited spaces are available for short papers (15–20 min. in length) on relevant topics."

A schedule is available in a .pdf at the conference webpage, and it looks like it will provide a comprehensive to the state of the art of Justin scholarship. I will post more on the conference when it rolls around.